Asia Women Tech Leaders

Asia Women Tech Leaders Award Podcast

Explore the untold stories of trailblazing women technologists shaping the world with the Asia Women Tech Leader Award Podcast. Showcasing the remarkable journeys of these women tech leaders, the podcast delves into their careers spanning academia to industry.

Armed with decades of invaluable experience, these women aim to inspire the upcoming generation of female tech leaders. Beyond storytelling, the podcast acts to guide this group of women to navigate the complexities of the tech industry – highlighting gender diversity issues in the workplace as well as empowering women technologists in Asia to leave their mark on the world.

Join us to celebrate the achievements of women technologists who are revolutionising the tech landscape.

Episode 1 – Conversations with Vinutha Rao

Vinutha Rao, a seasoned professional with 25 years of extensive experience in global roles within the information technology sector, currently serves as the Senior Vice-President at HCLTech. In her role, she leads the charge in talent acquisition and development for the company’s global digital business.

Tune in to gain valuable insights from Vinutha where she shares ideas on hiring practices for business leaders that would result in a gender-balanced workforce.

Episode 2 – Conversations with Siki Giunta

Drawing upon a robust foundation in cloud computing, agile software development, and innovation transformation, Siki Giunta has an illustrious career spanning two decades, and is currently the Executive Vice-President at HCLTech. Her unwavering passion for technology has propelled her to make significant contributions to the business service management market.

In this podcast, Siki focuses on “ask” – how women should step up to ask for mentorship and sponsorship and new challenges. Join us for an enlightening session on positioning yourself for career advancement in a dynamic and ever- evolving tech field.